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2022 recruitment trends so far

We are well into the early part of 2022 and looking back at the last 3 months we can see some clear trends in the recruitment market.

In the age of ‘The Great Resignation’ recruitment is on the rise. With 80% of CFOs stating that they are concerned about staff retention in 2022, and 86% stating that they already have active plans to recruit, the market is booming.

In such a candidate driven market many employers are now assessing their hiring techniques. The competition for jobseekers is at an all-time high and how the hiring process goes is crucial to securing people.

Sitting in the driving seat, jobseekers are demanding a well-rounded package. Despite 57% of employers increasing employee’s salaries in the last year, money will always be a key driver. That said, the benefits that come with this are becoming increasingly important too. The perks that currently come out on top are:

  • Flexible / hybrid working
  • Private healthcare
  • Additional annual leave
  • Training and development
  • Competitive pension
  • Wellbeing services

It’s clear from looking at this list that achieving work-life-balance is critical for many, a clear and lasting sign of the pandemic. Employers are reacting to this though, with 62% planning to offer even more flexibility in 2022 to help beat staff burnout.

From an employer perspective, although most recognise the need to compete, many are still noting clear skills shortages. CFOs are on the lookout for analytical, commercial and process improvement expertise, but are finding these are lacking in many applicants they receive. To overcome this, 35% of employers have increased their use of recruitment agencies, partnering mainly with specialists to identify such skills on their behalf.

Overall, the market is fast moving, highly competitive and largely driven by the needs of jobseekers. To read our top tips for hiring in this market, please click here.

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