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Land your new job in 2024 – 10 CV tips

Ben Khosravi CV tips

Revamping your CV can seem daunting and easily fall into the “do it later” pile. We understand the struggle of not knowing where to begin, so let us add some sizzle to your proverbial sausage of a CV.

Our recruitment experts know CVs. We have scoured our treasure trove of CVs to bring you the absolute gems that will make your CV shine.

Embrace our CV tips with confidence, and who knows? You might just catch the eye of your future hiring manager in 2024!

How to pass the 30 seconds test with our CV tips

Due to the number of applications for jobs, it is common for most recruiters to spend a mere 30 seconds reviewing a CV. Sometimes, it’s as brief as 6 seconds in this cutthroat job market. Fail to impress in that window, and your CV takes a one-way trip to the “no” bucket, aka the company shredding bin.

Armed with insights from over 4,000 CVs, our tips are pure gold. Make your CV stand out!

Our expert CV tips to supercharge your CV

We have combined some general CV pointers with a few added bonus game-changers for those on an accounting career pathway.

  1. “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies”: Leave the lies to Fleetwood Mac and make sure your CV is honest and accurate. Avoid CV keyword stuffing, especially if you haven’t used a skill recently. Lying on your CV also leaves you open to criminal action. Just don’t!
  2. Get a second opinion: send your CV to a friend with relevant knowledge and get honest feedback. Or, send it to us and ask us for feedback.
  3. Showcase your qualifications: highlight your latest accounting qualifications with dates for technical roles. Mention exam dates if you’re in progress or part-qualified.
  4. Format like a pro: keep it simple and professional. A hard-to-read CV won’t make the cut, no matter how great the content is. Download our example CV for format ideas.
  5. Spellcheck is your friend: typos are CV killers. Attention to detail matters, especially in accounting. Use a grammar checker!
  6. Craft an engaging introduction: your intro is your elevator pitch. Make it interesting, energetic, and tailored to the job.
  7. Skip the headshot: in finance and most other careers, your appearance is unrelated to your ability to do your job well. Save space – no need for a photo (no matter how lovely and professional it is).
  8. Make sure you add solid detail in your last role, outline what you did, and, without becoming too verbose, explain the why. Keep it punchy, but ensure it shows you have current relevant experience in your last few roles.
  9. Detail your last role: highlight your achievements, responsibilities and the “why”. Keep it concise but impactful.
  10. Mind the gaps: if you’ve changed paths or taken breaks, explain these with brief reasoning.

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Supercharge your accounting CV with these expert mega tips

So many job seekers end up submitting what they feel is a good CV for a finance role they have their heart on. They cross their fingers and hope. We know you can do better than that!

Let our experts talk you through the key improvements that will jettison your CV to the top of the “yes” pile.

Ben Khosravi, Founder of The Niche Partnership, has seen a lot of CVs in his time. When pitching a CV to an employer, he instinctively knows what an “A star” CV looks like.  So, in his words…

Put your qualifications next to your name. This is eye candy for a seasoned hiring manager. For maximum impact on your personal statement avoid clichés for example. “I work well in a team”, this is too generic. Aim to condense your strongest attributes to tell the reader in a few words what you can offer skill-wise. Be concise.

When adding interests and hobbies, avoid generic phrases like “I like reading”. Reflect on the finance company you are applying for, research their values, current charities they support and look for a synergy in your examples.

expert cv tips

Ian Brown, Associate Director of The Niche Partnership, with over 25 years of experience in accountancy recruitment, offers some advice for those pursuing senior roles in the finance industry.

Let’s talk about CV length. Whilst a two page CV is standard. Step back and sense check your CV to see if you are reducing the selling power of your document by removing content. If you are going for three pages use the whole page and check for weaker padding material. Do not drop font size or use boxes to make your content fit. Maintain the readability of your CV.

Check and recheck that you have included all your relevant accounting experience and customise your CV to showcase the skills that are being asked for. Do not miss out on these key requirements, be prepared for a hefty rewrite if needed. Offer compelling evidence of your suitability for the role.

Armed with our expert tips, it’s time to fine-tune your CV. January is around the corner, and hiring managers will be on the lookout. Stay ahead of the competition and be ready to impress. Good luck!

FAQ for an accounting CV

What should you include in an accounting CV?

When crafting a CV that is specifically for accounting positions, start by carefully personalising your CV to the specific accounting job you are applying for. Endeavour to align your relevant experience to the key accountancy skills requested in the job application.

For junior roles: outline your core qualifications at the top of your CV, for example, specific software packages, Intuit QuickBooks, budgeting, bookkeeping, tax accounting, SAP expertise, Financial statements knowledge, etc.
For senior roles: ensure you highlight your career achievements and ensure you match them to the role you are applying for.

Feel free to drop us an email or call if you need more advice.

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The Niche Partnership

We specialise in the recruitment of accountancy and finance professionals across the South. Contact us for more information or to submit your CV.

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