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Financial Accountant Jobs

A Financial Accountant, in comparison to at Management Accountant, is focused on the preparation and analysis of financial reports and records. It is the role of the Financial Accountant to look back at a businesses’ finances and draw relevant reports, records and statements.

Financial Accountant job description and responsibilities

Typical tasks carried out in this role include examining financial records and accounting statements, preparing and submitting tax documents and introducing effective and efficient financial practices and procedures.

Other day-to-day duties that the Financial Accountant may undertake include:

  • Investigating financial records and producing statements
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • Working with stakeholders to identify opportunities and methods for cost-reduction and efficiency improvements
  • Collect tax-related documents for the business and prepare and submit tax returns
  • Statutory reporting
  • Analyse accounting systems, working to identify any inaccuracies and potential improvements
  • Create efficient methods for accounting and financial record-keeping
  • Understand and adhere to all financial and accounting regulations and legislation

Financial Accountant job qualifications, experience and skills

Many employers will look for a qualified Financial Accountant who also holds a related degree, in a subject such as accounting, finance, or other related field.

Further skills and experience that an employer may ask for are as follows:

  • Excellent analytical nature and attention to detail
  • Ability to communicate with stakeholders at all levels
  • Sound understanding of all relevant legislations and regulations
  • Natural ability to form and embed processes and structure
  • Keen interest in the finance sector with proven research capability
  • Logical thinking and problem solving ability

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