Accounts Playable Answers January 2024 - TNP - The Niche Partnership

Answers: January Edition 2024

Emoji game

T🪓|⛅☀️☔🌨️  T -axe- season = Tax Season



1. Money used to build, run or grow a business (7) = CAPITAL
4. The total earnings of a company, often distributed to shareholders (8) = DIVIDEND
5. Microsoft’s business analytics tool (7) = POWERBI


2. An official inspection of a company’s financial statements (5) = AUDIT
2. An entry on the right side of an account (5) = CREDIT


Morris gangs > Gross margins

Music Mystery

What was the 1985 song recorded by ‘Dire Straits’ – that would drive a ledger clerk mad? = Money for nothing

Before you go!

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