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Highest earning accountants

The Highest Paying Accounting Jobs

If you’re someone who loves numbers (and is good with them!), then the accounting industry might be the right career choice for you. One of the things that draw many job seekers in, is the fact the Finance sector is one of the highest paying in the UK economy. It goes without saying that with

Video inteviews

Can I do a video interview in my car?

So, you’ve landed on this blog because you’ve impressed an employer with your CV and bagged yourself an interview! First of all, congrats! But the hard work isn’t over yet… The interview is your chance to shine and prove to the employer that you’re the right candidate for the job. And whilst face-to-face interviews are

How to work with a Recruiter

When you start job searching you want to have a few key tools up your sleeve. You’ll need a killer CV, an all-star LinkedIn profile and a trusted, expert Recruiter. It’s worth pointing out before we explain some of the best ways to work with your Recruiter, that finding a good one can sometimes be

How to write a CV

Your CV is your ticket through the door and into the interview seat. This is your first impression so you’ll want to get it right! CVs can vary depending the on the industry you are in, our advice is most relevant to the accountancy and finance sector (because that’s our thing). Here’s our handy guide

How to interview

You get the call…they want to interview you. Your CV impressed them and you’re getting closer and closer to bagging your dream job – result! Now you panic. Self-doubt creeps in and you start asking yourself all sorts of crazy questions…“Am I really that good at my job? Will they like me? Will I fit