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How to hire in a candidate driven market

Hiring in today’s market can be tricky but taking the following steps will help you to hire in a way that reacts directly to the market –

Up-skill your team

There’s no question that promoting internal progression and hiring into junior roles is great for your business. It’s not always this easy of course, but now is the time to focus on this where possible. Consider your training and development and devise a clear succession plan. Thinking ahead could eliminate the need to recruit, or at least see you recruiting largely more junior positions.

Assess your competitors

You’re used to assessing your competitors when it comes to products or services, so it’s sensible to do this for their hiring processes too! Look at competitor job adverts, careers pages and social media accounts to understand more about how they secure talent. Running a SWOT analysis on this will enable you to identify key takeaways.

Get crystal clear on what you need

This is not the market to be fussy in. This is the market to broaden your horizons and nail down your top 3 must haves. Everything else then becomes a bonus. Doing this will mean you cover more of the market and widen your opportunities to hire.

Partner with a specialist

In other words…call us! Jokes aside, it’s important when hiring in today’s market that you are selective with your recruitment partners. In such a competitive space you can’t afford to confuse your message to the market, and you need to keep the entire process well under control.

Consider your route to market

Are you utilising all the tools available to you? Think about where you find jobseekers and how you can expand these sources. It’s also important to consider the way you speak to your target audience. Make sure that the tone of voice reflects the business culture and it’s consistent at all times.

Up your interview game

Finding jobseekers is just one part of hiring. It’s important to look at your interview process to see what can be improved. Moving jobseekers through this part of the process in a positive way will highly increase your chances of securing them over other employers. According to research by IBM, having a positive interview experience makes candidates 38% more likely to accept a job offer.

Make sure your offer is competitive

In a candidate driven market it’s important to make sure your offer stands out. Always be clear and transparent with your offer – never play games and do not low ball. In this market you will simply lose out! Remember you want your new hire to skip to work and not walk to work! If employers are not yet offering flexible hybrid working, it is time to consider this. According to the PowWowNow 2019 flexible working survey, 81% of people believe that flexible working would make a job more attractive to them

Move fast

The market is fast paced so throughout all of this you should move with the market to avoid missing out on top talent. Make sure you have a clearly defined process before you start so that things run smoothly and quickly! Then stick to this process.

Always ask for feedback

Whilst moving fast don’t forget the step of asking for feedback. By gathering this useful data, you can learn what works and what doesn’t which will save you time in the future! Simply ask those going through the application, interview and onboarding stages how their experience was and make sure you’re gathering quantitative data so you can clearly compare.

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