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How to hire the right employee

Hiring can be tricky, but hiring in a candidate driven market can be seriously tricky. Don’t fear though, we’re back with our top tips for hiring in 2022. Take a look…

Be human

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has changed the priorities of jobseekers in the market. Now more than ever, the focus is on working for employers with a purpose aligned to their own morals and belief set.

Consider this in your hiring process and take the time to really understand the person sitting in front of you. The days of ‘grilling’ people in interviews are long gone. Be real and talk to them on a level. Simply figure out if they can do the job and then understand if they really WANT the job. Ask questions to learn about them as an individual so you can understand what really drives them.

Keep an open mind

So often hiring managers can become fixated on one aspect of their criteria. Of course, some things might be non-negotiable, such as a certain qualification. However, it’s important to be as open-minded as possible, wherever possible.

Due to skills shortages, you might want to broaden your criteria and consider up-skilling junior employees to fill gaps in your team. By widening the scope, you might just find a diamond in the rough!

Move fast

The market is fast paced, and when jobseekers are in the driving seat you really don’t have time to drag your heels. If you meet the right person for the job, don’t play games. Be upfront and make an offer, the cat and mouse tricks really don’t work.

Equally, if you are restricted by ‘the powers that be’, be sure to get the necessary approvals BEFORE going to market. You don’t want to waste everyone’s time going through a process just to wait for ‘sign off’ for 3 weeks at the offer stage.

Improve your benefits

If you have the control or influence over this, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind. Where jobseekers are securing multiple offers, the benefits package can be the deciding factor. Remember that free tea and coffee is not a benefit, neither is an auto-enrolment pension! Think about the things that would make your working life better – chances are your team would like these things too!

If this is not something you can control, consider taking feedback from anyone who rejects your job offer and feeding this back to HR.

Go hybrid

Again, if working pattern is something you have authority over, there is one simple word for you to know, and that’s ‘hybrid’. According to our recent salary survey (and data from YouGov and CIPD) employees now prefer a hybrid working model. Most people do not want to work remote 100% of the time, neither do they want to be in the office 100% of the time. A combination of the peacefulness of home working with the social interaction of office life seems to be the happy medium.

To go one step further, make this hybrid model flexible. Don’t tell your employees what days they can and can’t work from home, don’t dictate start and finish times either. Create a truly adult and trusting environment where your team can choose their start and finish times and their working location for that day (as long as they get their set number of hours done each week of course).

That’s it! A simple 5 step process to hiring in 2022. For more tips and advice check out other blogs here.

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