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How to interview

You get the call…they want to interview you. Your CV impressed them and you’re getting closer and closer to bagging your dream job – result!

Now you panic.

Self-doubt creeps in and you start asking yourself all sorts of crazy questions…“Am I really that good at my job? Will they like me? Will I fit in? What should I wear?”

Take a breath…

This is where we can help. Check out these top tips to help you really nail the interview –

Get to know YOU

Before you can clearly introduce yourself, your skills and your aspirations to someone else – you need to be able to do this to yourself. So, before you do ANYTHING you must clearly identify ‘your why’. This may seem obvious, but do not skip this step – take the time to ask yourself the following questions so you have total clarity on how to present yourself at interview…

  • What is your main reason for looking for a new role? Have you formed this into a clear and concise answer to give to the interviewer?
  • What are your career aspirations? Have you considered how the role you’re interviewing for supports and facilitates your aspirations?
  • Salary / package / job locations etc. Are you clear on what all this needs to look like for you to accept a new role? It’s worth knowing this BEFORE you reach an offer stage in case it’s discussed.

Take to the big screen

The delivery of your answers is just as important as WHAT you’re saying – so you must rehearse this. You may have a friend or family member who is able to do a “dummy run” with you ahead of the interview, but if not, don’t worry – there’s always the camera!

It’s a good idea to write down a few answers to commonly asked interview questions and then practice saying these aloud. To really perfect your delivery, try recording yourself answering the questions and watch it back to critique.  To appear calm, collected and confident try the following techniques –

  • Slow down your speech – this will create a sense of confidence in your voice and it also buys you a few extra seconds to think about what you’d like to say next!
  • Start and finish your sentence in the same way – think of this as using bookends on your answer! i.e. start with “I’ll tell you a little bit about my time at XYZ company…”, now make the point you wish to make, and end with “…so that’s a bit about my time with XYZ company”. This suggests that you carefully considered and formed your answer in a logical way.
  • End your answer with a question, such as “Does that answer your question?”. This not only allows you to expand if they request more information but also suggests a calm confidence in your character.

Let out your inner detective

Researching the company is nothing new…it’s interview prep 101. It’s time to up your game and take this to the next level. Having a quick glance at the company website is no longer enough. Consider doing the following –

  • Look for press releases from the company over the past year – what journey have they been on? Have they hit any milestones / released any new products or services
  • Check out your interviewer on LinkedIn – if you’re connected take a look at their posts. What sort of person do they appear to be? What things do they like / share?
  • Head over to companies house – can you check the company turnover or spot any interesting variances? What insight does this offer you to the role you’re applying to?

Get your head in the game

In the moments before your interview it’s important to make sure you have your game face on. It’s not advisable to rush straight into an interview, and with most of us now interviewing via video this can be easily done. How often do you find yourself hopping from one Zoom call to another throughout the day?

Don’t do this for your interview – make time before to get into a positive frame of mind.

My top tip here is to create your very own pre-interview ritual to relax you before the interview begins. Perhaps take a short walk, do breathing exercises or simply make sure your desk space is tidy and you have a fresh cup of tea read – do whatever works for you.

If you’d like more advice on preparing for your interview we have a comprehensive guide on this, click here to check it out.

For now – good luck!

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