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Is it worth doing AAT before ACCA?

Is it worth doing AAT before ACCA

This is a question we sometimes hear. As a budding Finance professional you may wonder about the “ideal” route to become an Accountant.

Here’s the thing…

There is no “ideal” route! There are many paths that can lead you to a successful accounting career!

Whatever qualifications you choose to undertake, make sure the study path is the right one to suit you and your professional goals.

Many wonder if studying your AAT before taking on an ACCA or CIMA for example, is the best way to go. The truth is, it’s personal preference.

An AAT is seen to be a great entry point into a career in Finance. This will give you the grounding and all-round skills to be able to kick-start your career. Particularly, if you’re entering your Finance career straight from school or college. We especially recommend an AAT qualification if you have a non-finance or business related degree as this will really help you to learn the foundations.

However, if you’ve achieved a degree and you’re ready to go straight into studying an ACCA for example – then go for it.

There’s no rule book that says you must complete an AAT first.

The main advice we would give here is to consider your long term career goals and aspirations – ask yourself what study route will help you get there?

Now ask yourself, are you able to fully commit yourself and your time to this qualification?

Whether you’re studying AAT, ACCA , CIMA or ACA – all are a big commitment and take time. Whatever route you decide to take, just make sure it suits your long term ambitions and your lifestyle at the time.

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