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New Year, New Job – Stepping into an accounting career

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Did you eat too much turkey on Christmas day and are now reconsidering your life choices? Yeah, us too.

As the year draws to a close and the chaos of Christmas subsides, the return to work in the New Year can feel daunting. For lots of people, Boxing Day is a day of relaxation and rest, a time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and space to reflect on it. Being away from the daily demands of work helps to clarify what is important to you and what you want the future to look like.

After the festive splurging and extravagant dinners, it is ideal to take a financial pulse check. Looking at your bank balance might trigger a realisation that you’re not quite getting the financial recognition you deserve. Cue the “new year, new career” resolution! It’s that magical moment when you balance your expenses against your income and decide it’s time for a change. Trust us; it’s more common than you think!

But it’s not just about the money. The thought of another year stuck in the same old routine, facing the perennial “Groundhog Day” at your current job, can be disheartening. You might be yearning for a fulfilling career, a better work-life balance, and the simple luxury of weekends and evenings off. Whatever your reasons, if you’re ready to bid farewell to career dissatisfaction, 2024 could be the year you take the plunge into something new and exciting.

Let’s get started, yes, right now, even when the festivities are still underway!

Why consider an accounting career?

You’ve heard the stereotype that it’s all numbers and monotony, but we are here to challenge that notion. Accounting is a gateway to a world of possibilities within the dynamic field of finance. The financial landscape is ever-evolving, and becoming an expert in the rules and regulations can be your ticket to a career that’s anything but dull.

To shed some light on the options available, we caught up with Paul Lawrence, Director of Pitman Bristol, Pitman Portsmouth and Pitman Southampton; he offered some insights on how he has helped individuals get started towards a career in accounting.

I started my career some 20 years ago supporting job seekers in what is now called Jobcentre Plus,  Over the years, I have become well acquainted with how to navigate a career change. I am passionate about helping people find their true vocation.

I currently run the Pitman training schools in the South and we offer face to face and online training for budding accountants. We know how to get you off to the best start, offering personal tutors and real practical academic support both online and in person from day one. We start off with a career chat to match you with the best accounting training that suits your current working patterns. We actively work with you to take the risk out of your career move by supporting you from the beginning.

Nothing should stop you! We know those that make this move into accounting, well they don’t look back, and we have so many success stories that we just know our approach works. We are proud of our training and our reviews speak for themselves.

Is accounting a promising career in 2024?

Spoiler alert: yes! The demand for skilled accounting professionals is as strong as ever, making it a great time for both seasoned experts and new trainees to jump on the accounting bandwagon. Whether you are already an AAT, ACA, ACCA or CIMA pro or just considering a career in the sector, understanding the latest recruitment trends is your key to unlocking exciting opportunities.

Accounting places you at the heart of a business, earning you respect and influence. Sure, it requires a training investment, but the rewards are substantial.

Ben Khosravi, Co-Founder of the Niche Partnership, predicts a job seeker’s paradise in 2024, with many employers planning to grow their finance teams in the new year.

The current climate post-covid, is very positive and we see increasing demand for anyone job hunting in the accounting and finance sector. There is growth from entry level accounting roles right up to Financial Director positions. One thing for sure is that if you want to get ahead in 2024 to take advantage of the buoyant market you should start preparing now.

If you are just at the planning stage for a new accounting career we highly recommend reading our blog for advice on what qualifications to take, links are at the bottom of this article . We are confident that this will inspire you to set your sights on an accounting career.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an accounting career?

If you’re considering an accounting career, weigh the pros and cons to see if it aligns with your goals. We spoke to a seasoned recruiter with over 26 years of experience; here’s what you need to know:

The Niche Partnership

We specialise in the recruitment of accountancy and finance professionals across the South. Contact us for more information or to submit your CV.

Advantages of being an accountant

  • Job security: financial management is a constant need, making accountants essential. The accounting function is usually one of the last departments to be subjected to redundancy. During economic turmoil, accountants are seen as valuable decision-makers and influencers, and many in more senior roles remark on how much they enjoy the respect they are afforded.
  • Career advancement: clear qualification processes and abundant upskilling opportunities pave the way for growth.
  • Variety of roles: an accounting career offers diverse roles in a range of sectors, often with substantial salaries.

Disadvantages of being an accountant

  • Keeping up with qualifications: some find it challenging to stay up-to-date and dedicate time to ‘stepping up’.
  • Work-life balance: at times, the demands of an accounting career can be stressful, especially during peak financial periods.
  • Competitive entry-level market: breaking into accounting can be competitive. But, with a solid CV, some good experience, and a great recruiter behind you (wink wink), it’s highly achievable.

How to start an accounting career?

Ready to take the plunge? Research and reflection are key. Discover the right accounting qualification path for you and explore your options.

Reach out to Paul Lawrence, and Pitman Training for a free online or face-to-face chat in the New Year to get started.

Check out our articles on qualifications and getting started without experience:

Don’t forget we have a team of friendly recruiters who would be delighted to answer your questions on current hiring demand and what salary you could expect. We realise you may not be ready to start a job yet, but why not get in early and start working with us? Drop us an email anytime.

Need personalised help?

Schedule a career advice session and CV review with our partner, Paul Lawrence, Director at Pitman Training South.

No commitments, just a perfect opportunity to explore if accounting is your ideal career move.

Book now!

Don’t just take it from us; read these real case studies

Selected from people who have stood in your shoes:
accounting career case study

A big thank you to our expert contributor, Paul Lawrence. Get ready to make 2024 your year of accounting success!

Paul Lawrence and StormPaul spent seven years working on New Deal in partnership with the job centre, supporting long-term unemployed, returners to work and clients with additional needs. He was invited to join Pitman Winchester in 2009 to support private and commercial clients who wished to improve their skills and careers. A rapid expansion into Bristol and Southampton followed, with two new centres in 2010/11.

Paul undertook a leadership role with Pitman Southampton on behalf of the franchise owner for nine years, managing day-to-day operations until he bought the business in March 2020, three weeks to the day before lockdown!  Once the lockdown ended, Paul expanded his business, purchasing his third franchise, the Portsmouth Pitman offices. He is a highly experienced career advisor and specialises in accounting training.

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The Niche Partnership

We specialise in the recruitment of accountancy and finance professionals across the South. Contact us for more information or to submit your CV.

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