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Use our resources to help with your job search and career. We have the latest salary guides for the finance sector, CV templates and interview tips.
salary guides

Salary Guide 2022

We are delighted to be sharing our market insight and salary data. As part of our promise to provide value to our network, we hope that the figures, trends and predictions we’ve included here will be of genuine interest to you.
CV Template

CV Template

Your CV is your first impression, and often the tool that gets you through the door. We’ve put together an easy to use template to help you write your CV. Make sure you read the tips in red!
job application tracker

Job Application Tracker

Want to dramatically improve your chances of securing a new job? It’s so important to “Track & Trace” your job applications – don’t let a single application go to waste! Check out our free template here...
interview tips

Interview Tips

Job interviews give employers the chance to meet the person behind the CV. We've put together some sneaky interview tips that will no doubt help you on the big day!
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