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Starting a new role during lockdown

Starting a new role during a global pandemic is pretty tough. Hats off for securing the role! That’s impressive. The challenges don’t stop there though, but we’re here to help you settle into your new role smoothly…

Establish a routine

Starting a new role often means starting a new routine, i.e. your commute may have changed / your working hours might be slightly different etc. When your first day commute is from your bed to your dining table the routine can be a little different  I encourage you to set out some healthy habits early on. Continue your usual morning routine, i.e. having your breakkie and getting ready as you normally would. Try and take a lunch break and get out for a walk – do things to keep you focused and motivated.

Expect tech issues

Has anyone ever started a new role and not had tech issues?! When starting remotely, I can confidently say you’re likely to have at least a few technical blips! If you’re anticipating these, they will be easier to overcome. Try and think on your feet where you can, and identify early on the best point of contact for when the “turning on and off” method fails you.

Be as social as possible

This seems strange to say given we’re in a lockdown, but stay with me on this one. For those people starting a new role, having never met their teammates my advice is join regular video calls to try and stay as connected as possible. Establish good working relationships early on and then these will solidify further when you eventually meet in person!

Don’t be scared to ask questions

When it means picking up the phone to ask your question (rather than simply leaning over to the desk next to you) you may feel less inclined to ask. Don’t fall into this trap! When you start a new role the first few weeks are crucial for your learning, so you have to make the most of it. Be brave and ask as many questions as you need to!

Good luck to everyone starting new roles. If you need any further advice, get in touch with the team today!

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