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What are the top benefits that employees want?

Employers are now taking a deeper look at the benefits which are being offered to employees. It used to be all about offering a competitive salary (which is still important might we add!), but now employers are increasingly offering unique benefit packages to attract potential candidates and to retain existing staff.

Strong employee benefits has proven to increase staff loyalty and boost productivity, and therefore playing a big part in the success of a business!

Whether you’re a small business or large company, it’s not always easy to know which of the many different types of benefits are worth investing in. So employers look no further! Here are a list of benefits most desired by employees today:

Flexible/remote working – is this one really a surprise? Since the pandemic, flexible working has become one of the most popular benefits. People’s priorities have shifted! Employees don’t want to commute to work every day, they want to spend more time with family, they want additional sleep and more time for exercising or preparing meals. Flexible working really does improve staff health and well-being.

Well-being support – well-being has been a major headline in the past two years. And companies can support their staffs well-being in a number of ways: free eye tests , dental care, free counselling sessions, online GP services, mindfulness /meditation apps, time off for mental health days or duvet days.

Training/development – it’s highly valuable for employees to up skill! Plus it’s a win-win situation for both the employee and the employer as the company gets a better-rounded team member.

Finance Classes – Helping employees learn good financial principles can help relieve the stress that poor financial management can bring. If an employee is struggling with managing their finances, it can cause physical and mental health problems.

If you want a brownie point, then as a perk you could focus on the social side! Staff want something to look forward to and it’s important they connect and communicate with one another, so perhaps look at: team trips, team lunches, monthly social  budget for events, social clubs – books/films/running etc.

… All to name a few! What works best for your business will depend on what you want to achieve, the type of people you hire and the budgetary constraints you’re working within.

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