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Why is staff wellbeing so important?

Employee wellbeing

Companies which champion mental health and their staff’s well-being will be able to attract and retain employees, which benefits both individuals and the business. Let’s be honest: company culture is crucial. And the best way to establish a good company culture starts with championing mental health and keeping employee well-being at the forefront of the business.

It’s every employer’s responsibility to provide a workplace where…

  • People experiencing mental health difficulties can talk openly without fear of stigma.
  • There’s support available to them to help them stay well at work, and they know how to access it.
  • People are given space for development.
  • People feel able to be themselves.

Making your staff’s well-being a priority not only attracts and retains staff, but it also gets the best out of people!

Why does well-being at work matter?

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and should build an environment that encourages, educates and enables employees to put their well-being at the centre of their lives. Despite this, many companies do not have a dedicated well-being strategy. A well-being strategy can help employees feel valued and supported at work.

Better staff retention

Staff loyalty will be fostered if employees feel valued, looked after, and supported. Employees will want to stay somewhere they feel happy.

Improved staff commitment and productivity

If your staff feel appreciated and listened to, then they’ll want to go the extra mile for you. Employees will more than likely be engaged in the company’s goals, work together positively, and perform to their optimal level.

Reduced sick leave

Employees who feel their needs are being met are less likely to take sick leave.

The Niche Partnership

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Builds a more resilient workforce

Putting in the right mental health and well-being support will help people cope better with personal and work-related stress. The right resources can help to stop problems from escalating.

Your staff become super advocates of your brand

When you look after your employees, they will be singing your praises to family and friends! Investing in well-being sends a powerful message about your core values, and in the long run, this will help you attract a high-quality workforce.

It really does pay to invest both time and resources in staff well-being, by encouraging open conversations and being more positive about mental health.

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